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Kevin Rudd

Goodbye Kevin you waste of space. You are a limited human being who never had any  grasp of his own personal limitations.  You were a disastrous PM and spent most of the rest of your stay in politics facilitating the election of a feeble conservative Coalition government in Australia.  Your existence disadvantaged Australia.

6 comments to Kevin Rudd

  • I used to be not trampis

    at least Rudd realised before Swan that Henry and Stevens were correct and we needed some fiscal stimulus.

    By the way have you seen the latest on the underestimation of world temperatures since 1997?

  • I used to be not trampis

    wow I am no longer going into spam alah Nick Rowe style

  • Michael

    With such childish vituperation you aren’t any better. At least the local school has a new school hall. All the tories managed was to siphon off all the money to the private schools so they could build concert halls provincial cities would be lucky to have.

  • rog

    The facts speak for themselves – under Rudd the ALP lost their way and lost talented people and made it possible for a very second rate LNP to be elected as govt. the only thing helping the ALP now is that the childish pranks of the LNP may buy them sufficient time to get their act together.

  • hc

    Michael, I think I am being accurate. Rudd was a foolish man who had no powers to critically assess his own weaknesses. He was a disaster for Labor.

  • Jim Rose

    losing government ion the first term does seem to be a major skill gap

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