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Islam & animal liberation

I am interested in connections between religion and animal ethics.  The Bible is ambiguous on the issue – at times lording humans over non-humans (we are, after all, the “Sons” of God!) and at times showing compassion. St Francis (one of the great figures of Catholicism who does inspire me) prayed to the birds! I am been studying other religions a bit and there is obviously, in many cases, both ambiguity in teaching and a gulf between teaching and practice.  Islam displays a number of these characteristics but the emphasis on the formalities of the Halal ritual often fails to account for the Prophet’s concern with intrinsic animal welfare.   I am pleased that debates on animal rights and the humane treatment of animals is now actively occurring within Islam.  Look at the link.

2 comments to Islam & animal liberation

  • conrad

    The thoughtful guys will never win unfortunately (at least, not any time soon) — the real problem is that as long as you have enough crazies, they’re going to keep doing what might well have been best-practice of the day in terms of animal rights, and still try and do exactly as it says, word-for-word, even though there’s much better practice these days. It isn’t just Islam, Kosher food has exactly the same problem, and unlike in many Muslims countries, Jews are generally well educated, so they really could have a decent debate about it and just tell the fundamentalists bad luck. On the upside, you may have noted that very recently there has been enough pressure on Woolworths to give up on barn-laid eggs.

  • Stephen Williams

    I suppose that having sex with a beast is ok as long as you kill and burn them afterwards.

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