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Facebook or blogging

Recently I’ve taken greater interest in using Facebook than I have in the past.  Its a nice way of keeping up with the conversation of life.  If you do read this blog, and are reasonably active on Facebook,  please join me by searching for me from your Facebook home page.

I’ll definitely continue with this blog – which now enters its 7th year*.  But sometimes a quick response or an immediate bit of fun is what I feel like doing and for that Facebook is ideal.  Sometimes, too, I don’t want to necessarily direct the conversation but rather listen.

4 comments to Facebook or blogging

  • I’ve recently started using Facebook, while continuing to blog. My experience so far is that political/economic discussion on Facebook is pretty nearly worthless, dominated by cranks who are sure they have the truth and know very little economics–much the same pattern I remember seeing on Usenet long ago, much less true of blogs. Once and a while you get an honest question that may be worth answering and some of the answers give an interesting (and depressing) picture of economic education, math without intuition, but on the whole it isn’t worth spending much time in those groups.

    On the other hand, one of my hobbies is historical recreation, and the groups on that subject are reasonably civil and have some knowledgeable people in them. Just today I put up a post about a minor puzzle in a 10th century cookbook and got responses from people familiar with what looks like the same process described in the context of modern cooking.

  • rog

    Harry, I see you engage with time wasting clinate conspiracist cranks on Facebook. I limit Facebook to family plus sporting/recreational pursuits with the odd news group, eg bushfire updates. Arguing with flat earthers seems to be so unproductive.

  • hc

    Rog, That was a mistake I agree. Jennifer M got my goat up. I am a relative newcomer to active Facebook use. I must exercise more restraint – but so should she!

    David, I am interested in recreational birdwatching. I’ll search for some groups. Generally I go to Facebook to see how friends and colleagues are doing, where they are travelling, what they are thinking about. These people often seize on snippets of news that interest me.

  • davidp

    One thing that can work on facebook is to set up a group where permission must be sought to enter – it works well for street-orienteering where we can discuss the sport (and keep the spammers out)

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