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What I am reading – Murdoch

I read too much serious stuff.  Condensed economic or other arguments that I have to read for work – the sort of stuff that furrows your brow and makes you feel your age.  For pleasure I am now reading Paul Barry’s cheeky “Breaking News: Sex, Lies & The Murdoch Succession”.  It is well-written and interesting. I have always had a soft spot for Barry’s cheekiness and, indeed, for Rupert Murdoch because he is a super-smart businessman.  The Barry book shows that that is about all he is. After reading Barry I think Murdoch is a pathetic, dangerous person. I don’t trust his progeny either.

Rupert Murdoch is a powerful, successful creep.  He will probably emerge as a victor too.

5 comments to What I am reading – Murdoch

  • rog

    He is dangerous, he will do absolutely anything to succeed and appears to be totally without empathy. When author Dennis Potter (Singing Detective etc) was dying of cancer he named his tumour Rupert.

  • Uncle Milton

    His Mum seemed like a nice person, or at least that is how she was publicly portrayed. She certainly was a generous sponsor of the arts.

  • Jim Rose

    barry’s biography of packer was great. a colouful figure indeed.

    as for the murdoch bogey, Murdoch makes himself the new best friend of the next Prime minister his business strategy.

    Murdoch has unashamedly backed political winners, only to dump them when he was convinced that they were washed up or that his newspapers might be left on the losing side of politics.

    These circumstances were in Britain in 1994: a tired, ailing conservative administration and a revamped Labor opposition with a personable, intelligent leader offering new ideas

    media barons Murdoch and Kerry Packer became embraced as business ‘mates’ of the Labor government in the 1980s.

    Murdoch’s see-sawing political stances are entirely pragmatic. He has always been prepared to back winners just before they win, and to shift allegiances on non-ideological grounds.


  • hc

    Uncle Milton, I’ve got to say that Dame Elizabeth and daughter Elizabeth come out better than the rest. Rupert and the sons – forget them.

    Logically its a tough one for media policy – delivering sex, sleaze and destroying people’s lives. Its what the masses seem to want but seems to fall short on any standard of moral reasonableness. My memory is short too – I forget Murdoch has been doing his animal acts for decades.

  • Jim Rose

    When murdoch moved to london, he was called the dirty digger by the rival papers

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