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Summary for policy-makers from IPCC

This important scientific report (as with previous IPCC reports) contains a summary for policy-makers. I am reading it now. I am interested in the observation that climate change will intensify El Nino events although specific  rainfall effects remain less specific than one might hope for. This is an important document for my own research so I will add what I think are interesting commentaries as they become available.

Update: I am pleased with Minister Hunt’s statement endorsing the report. He released a statement, saying: ‘‘The report’s findings reinforce the government’s bi-partisan support for the science and the targets set for emissions reductions.’’ I think he is wrong in supposing Coalition policies will work but am very pleased that he immediately affirmed the value of this report.  Presumably at least some Coalition members must recognise the gravity of the implications of this report.  Whatever silly things they do I hope there is the basis for dialogue.

The immediate news report from The Australian was better than I thought it might be though I’ll wait for the possible stream of idiot commentator responses tomorrow.  Again the ratbag commentators at The Australian are presumably people with some brains.   Could there be a rethink on their part?

Update: This article in the NYT captures succinctly the drama the world now faces.  Just running out of time to take action. An excellent summary of what is new in the report at The Conversation.

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