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Libertarians promoting smoker rights

Over at Australia’s premier lunacy blog Ratchel Conner from the Smoker’s Rights Party is arguing for lower excises on cigarettes, abolishing plain packaging and abolishing restrictions on smoking in private premises.  Her argument is that smokers should pay no more than the non-internalised health costs they impose (wrong if you are a Pigouvian), that plain packaging limits incentives to innovate safe cigarettes etc etc.  The last point is a joke given the history of deceit behind the murderous intent of big tobacco.   Of course the companies actively seek to promote the line that Ratchel is pushing.

George Monbiot shows how the Libertarians, under the cloak of defending “individual rights”, took bribes to foster the interests of the tobacco companies.

Update: The cretins are now defending political donations to the Coalition from “Big” tobacco.  Just what is needed to reduce the incidence of lung cancer!

2 comments to Libertarians promoting smoker rights

  • Jim Rose

    Libertarians also have liberal views on drug laws.

    It would be a bit odd to advocate the legalisation of hard drugs but not tobacco.

    the liberal case for the legalisation of hard drugs is not based on arguments that they are safe and not addictive.

    the legal marijuana industry in the USA – big marijuana – would be a testing ground for any hypotheses about interactions of legalisation and product quality.

    apparently, big marijuana are forming bootlegger and baptists coalitions to reduce competition from small suppliers.

  • The main problem I have with tobacco is that, left unchecked, smokers impinge negatively on my life. I remember sitting at work with my eyes stinging from the cigarette smoke. Coming home from the pub stinking of smoke. And I’m sure that kids with a tendency towards nicotine addiction used to get their habit started with their parents second hand smoke.

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