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Cultural vandals in Botanic Gardens

What they have done to the ancient trees in Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens by ring-barking them is horrible. What is says about the mentality of certain sections of the human race is much worse.  The cretins who did this were born by mistake.   The world would be a better place if they had never existed.  Moreover, these types of crimes have been repeated several times in recent months – it has become a fad to wreck devastation on these objects of beauty, environmental value and cultural significance.   Words fail.


1 comment to Cultural vandals in Botanic Gardens

  • Michael

    The mind boggles at why someone would do this. They are the moral equivalent of people who knowingly deny anthropogenic climate change, often the same people who are happy for other natural resources to be undervalued and plundered for short-term gain. It seems environmental vandalism is all the rage.

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