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Turnbull should challenge Abbott

I am disappointed by the comments of Malcolm Turnbull suggesting that he would not challenge Tony Abbott for the Liberal Party leadership prior to the forthcoming election.  The Labor Party is a train wreck being led by a verbose simpleton who really should retire. The Labor Party should be replaced as the government if he is at the helm.  The possible current replacement however is unattractive. Tony Abbott, once a man of some Catholic convictions, is now a populist babbler who seeks only to wrest power. He will be an inappropriate uninspiring PM who most Australians dislike.  Australian politics is in a terrible mess since, as it stands, neither side of politics offers people a decent choice.

It doesn’t matter which major party wins the forthcoming poll Australia will definitely lose unless there is a change in the Liberal Party leadership.   The Liberal Party itself will also be disadvantaged.

Man-up Malcolm and get rid of Abbott.  The Liberal Party will romp in at the next election – your personal popularity in the electorate guarantees this – and a really bad outcome (Rudd or Abbott) will be avoided.  Yes, you are a bit domineering as a leader so reason with all your ministerial colleagues that you have changed.  Rudd did that and got away with it.  The Liberal shadow ministry has no great strengths – indeed that is part of the reason the Liberals do need to undergo a comprehensive reform.

It might be that Malcolm Turnbull will still receive a last minute push to be party leader just as Rudd did.  The best scenario is continuing improvement in Labor’s opinion poll rankings and the fear of conservatives that they will again be denied government.  It is a faint hope but like Labor, the Liberals need to address the issue of electoral unpopularity.

Update: Michael Short at The Age agrees but then, so do many.  It will be a possibility if the next few polls show Rudd likely to win.

Update: With Turnbull as Leader the Coalition will win in a landslide. With Abbott as leader it is line ball.

9 comments to Turnbull should challenge Abbott

  • conrad

    It seems like the same old problem of where the party stands vs. what people want. I don’t think there’s any reason to believe he’d win a challenge anyway, even if did try.

  • NickR

    I agree that Turnbull would be preferable to Abbott (both as opposition leader or PM). However I recall seeing polls which suggested that most of Turnbull’s approval came from progressives like myself who would be unlikely to vote for him anyway. So it doesn’t surprise me that he won’t challenge.

  • Liam Lenten

    Agreed about relative ability, Harry, but also agree with other comments indicating that a challenge is unlikely.

  • crocodile

    “your personal popularity in the electorate guarantees this – and a really bad outcome (Rudd or Abbott) will be avoided”

    Or a really bad outcome like Turnbull.

  • Stan Griswald

    Ummmmm professor Clarke

    Last time Turnbull was leader he sat on 13% popularity rating and the libs were in a political sewer. Abbott has been perhaps the most successful opposition leader in living memory.

    Your allegiance is to the Greens party so any advice offered ought to be treated like a pinch of salt.

  • hc

    Well Stan you do seem a bit lost. 62% of voters now prefer Turnbull and Abbott’s popularity is abysmally low. I don’t owe allegiance to any party.

  • Jim Rose

    All this shows that there are a lot of swinging voters out there

  • In an ideal world we would specialise a bit. The ALP would have a leader for the election campaign (Rudd), and then swap to a government leader for when they are in government (the role Gillard had). Of course to keep the electorate happy, Rudd would have to maintain the nominal position of leader when in government, just not be allowed to run things.

  • Its not too late. Lift the tone, defer your Liberal vote. Vote Malcolm PM 2016 And for God’s sake, pass it on.

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