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Growing Gymea lilies from seed in Melbourne

Gymea lilies – among the most spectacular native flowering plants in Australia – do grow well in Melbourne – successful plantings are on my golf course.  While wandering around (‘playing’) the course in autumn I noticed a green-keeper collecting used flower stems with their seed pods from the Gymeas.  I asked for some – he was happy to get rid of them – and took them home. I ended up with hundreds of seeds from the pods which I soaked in warmish water for an hour or so and then left on the surface of a seed planting mix in a shade house.  It has been cold in Melbourne this winter with heavy frosts so I didn’t hold out great chances.

But on returning from a month in China – about 70 days since I gathered the seeds – I found almost all had germinated.   So they are very easy to grow from seed.   They do take a long time to get to a flowering stage – up to 8 years – but maybe I will still be around to enjoy them then.  I’ll certainly have more than enough plants!

I get pleasure from growing native plants from seed.

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