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Plain packaging effective

Plain packaging of cigarettes (or better, aversive packaging since the “plainness” is dominated by a scary graphic health warning) is effective.  Those who smoke claim the cigarettes “taste worse” with such packaging.    So branding does affect the desirability of smoking and not only brand choice.

Interesting that the link delivering this message is in the NYT where figures comparing slightly lower smoking rates in Australia with those in the US are cited – originally there was parity in the rates.

The carcinogen producers (mass murderers of the modern age) are hopefully shaking in their boots as they construct new lies to tell and plot to capture and kill new groups of potential smokers!

3 comments to Plain packaging effective

  • davidp

    This is very interesting. Is the effect of removing all branding making cigarettes almost like a generic drug? If there is a substantial drop in smoking after the introduction, this would suggest there may be threshold effects in advertising.

  • johno

    So you are relying on the word of a politician, internet chat sites and someone implicit in mass murder to support your claim that sticking grotesque pictures on cigarette packages is effective.

    I suppose that is stronger evidence than the evidence you use to back your claim that humans are causing the non-existent global warming.

    (I’ll leave the stupidity in this comment but edit out the final abuse, HC)

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