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On my local golf course a year or so ago I noticed a three metre high tree with bright yellow flowers that, after some weeks, were followed by attractively marked fruit.  I broke a small piece off and asked a few knowledgeable locals what it was but no one knew.  Finally I took the piece to the Kuranga Native Plant Nursery at Mount Evelyn on the outskirts of Melbourne for an ID.  They told me it was a type of Geebung namely Persoonia linearis  (image here) that is native to NSW and Victoria.  It is not that uncommon – and relatively easy to cultivate – but very difficult to propagate from seed or cuttings.  Kuranga didn’t have one available at the time so I put one on order and, after more than a year, Kuranga sent me a note saying they had it.  A long chase but I got it over the weekend.

Kuranga is well worth a visit if only to see the vast array of native Australian plants on display there.  Staff there are friendly and helpful.  I always buy far more than is sensible.  They had some Persoonia pinifolia for sale that, according to my native plant bible (Wrigley & Fagg) are the most handsome of all the Geebungs – take a look at these.  Yes, I’ll try those too.

For some reason (????) the euphonically named Geebungs are called snotty gobbles in South Australia and the NT.

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  • davidp

    Had heard of the Geebung Polo Club pub in Hawthorn but didn’t know where the name came from (better than the Snotty Gobble Club)

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