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Protecting animals from torture as a form of terrorism

I was interested to read in the NYT that in a dozen US states it is now (i) Illegal for unauthorised whistle-blowers to make videos of workers harming farm animals and (ii) that any such videos must be turned into the authorities and not screened.  The grounds seem to be that this form of whistle-blowing violates the legal property rights that animal owners have over their animals, exposes them to economic losses and that such activities are a form of “ecological terrorism”.

A free-market group ALEC which links to the Heartland Institute is claimed by the NYT to be behind these legislative moves. Here is the Draft Bill they propose. ALEC is claimed to be one of the groups opposing the cigarette plain packaging legislation in Australia.

The best defence against animal liberationist whistle-blowers is, of course, to treat animals humanely. “Ag gag” bills are not the answer – a better approach is to move towards the humane and decent animal rights practices adopted in other countries and in enlightened parts of the US.

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  • wilful

    I wonder what an “authorised” whistle-blower is?

    Isn’t it wonderful that all these free-market groups are standing up for freedom?

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