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Thanks Julia

What a disaster it would have been to have had Kevin Rudd back as PM. Fortunately enough Labor MPs saw this and Rudd did not have the numbers. His exaggerated claims about being honest reflect only the sickening shallowness of this foolish little man. We want a PM not a disorganised, hyperactive clown with an exaggerated idea of his own importance.

Simon Crean your actions mark you as one of the most inept “air clearers” in history. You were never much beyond a cliche-monger and a boring, old style, trade union hack but on this occasion your underlying stupidity, ignorance of arithmetic and arrogance shone through. You created additional stench for your party and for negative purpose.

I guess the media will regain their opportunity to renew (and renew, renew…) talk about Labor Party leadership problems* rather than trying to do their job – namely, reporting on news. After all “We don’t report the news, we write it” say the king-makers. And those who fear Labor’s election prospects can clamour for more leadership moves that will worsen things by making the Labor Party appear to be a mismanaged joke.

Here is a reposted (conditional) tribute to Julia.

* They have already begun. Here’s Paul Kelly’s contribution. The Age is worse on these matters than the Oz with their ill-considered campaign to ditch Julia.

Update: Here is Mark Latham on Rudd but most scathingly on Richardson an Fitzgibbin. Wow! I’d like to see Richo’s response, in particular.This creep will probably shrug it off.

Update: This Herald editorial on Julia is fair. This article by Anne Summers also expresses my views. Julia is a tough woman with guts. What an appalling wimp is this gutless cretin Rudd – the decline in Labor can be traced to his destabilization of Julia.

Update:  This piece by Greg Sheridan in The Oz suggests Rudd is a master strategist and Gillard is the master tactician:

“Rudd is a master strategist. No one in the parliament has a better strategic mind. This applies to geo-strategic international issues, but also to national politics. Rudd, the most nerdy and cerebral of politicians, astonishingly made himself a star with generation Y voters, partly by a keen attention to digital media and gen Y broadcasting, but also through deliberate policy positions. His emphasis on foreign aid seduced the Make Poverty History crowd……..

Gillard is the reverse of Rudd. She seems not to have a strategic bone in her body. She has never said an interesting thing, or written an interesting article, or a book, and never moved to extend Labor beyond its narrowest base. Her ideas are all old Labor orthodoxy. Her economic policy is to spend more money. Her social policy is to spend more money and favour unions, especially those that support her leadership”.

I think Rudd is an inept, verbose and confused strategic thinker. He is stupid enough to believe his own bull-shit and hence has an earnestness about him that goes along with his confused verbosity.  His backdown on the carbon tax – the “greatest moral issue of our age” – was typical. Gillard did get a carbon tax up, did get some sort of mining super tax up and is doing something for education.  Her support for old style trade unionism is disappointing.  I am unsure she has tactical genius – she is just more popular than the despised Kevin Rudd in most of the Parliamentary Labor Party.  The Conroy media bill is well-intentioned. It wants to limit Rupert Murdoch’s control over what we learn and know about our society.  Of course it was opposed by the press who want to continue in their king-maker roles.  I don’t see the withdrawal of this bill as a disaster for Gillard. And whatever else you might think of Gillard she is not responsible for the brazen corruption in the NSW Branch.

7 comments to Thanks Julia

  • Michael

    LOL, you need some perspective, you’re way too emotionally involved.

  • Michael K

    Well said, Harry.

    KRudd is gutless and his contribution as PM will be nothing more than a bare political footnote.

  • Jim Rose

    It will be interesting to see where Chicken Kev figures in the next round of preferred PM polls.

  • Sir Henry Casingbroke

    Contrary to Michael’s ad hominem spray that is devoid of any counter-argument, whatsoever, your head post is an excellent and dispassionate analysis of the way things stand in federal Laborland, H.

    The elephant in the room here is the role of the media – esp. Murdoch press and Macquarie Radio to cruel Gillard’s government. The propaganda war has been enjoined by some in Fairfax: the now-thankfully departed Michelle Grattan, and ABC’s Chris Uhlmann prominent among them. Peter Hartcher, Fairafax hitherto sensible columnist has shown that HE needs “some perspective being way too emotionally involved” with Rudd’s demise.

    Rudd’s pathetic behaviour, which includes gross disloyalty to the party which gave him such undeserved prominence, should be see in the context of a personality disorder, namely narcissistic personality disorder.

    I invite your readers to check of Kevin’s behaviour against this list of main symptoms of NPD as defined by Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders:

    . Reacting to criticism with anger, shame and humiliation
    . Taking advantage of others to reach own goals
    . Exaggerating own importance, achievements, and talents
    . Imagining unrealistic fantasies of success, beauty, power, intelligence
    . Requiring constant attention and positive reinforcement from others
    . Becoming jealous easily
    . Lacking empathy and disregarding the feelings of others
    . Being obsessed with self
    . Pursuing mainly selfish goals
    . Becoming easily hurt and rejected
    . Setting goals that are unrealistic
    . Wanting “the best” of everything
    . Appearing unemotional

  • hc

    Very good Sir Henry – particularly like seeing reference to his his poser “appearing unemotional” attribute. Very insightful.

    Rudd’s words seem to run ahead of his brain. A sad case.

  • Jim Rose

    A strangely ambitious geek was what his federal colleagues diagnosed.

  • Jim Rose

    to be serious, once in office, he was labor’s Billy McMahon.

    John Stone wrote recently in quadrant pf about how McMahon

    ‘McMahon was incapable of giving loyalty to his public servants. Indeed, he was incapable of giving loyalty to anyone, and perhaps least of all his own ministerial colleagues. The result was, naturally, to strain their loyalty to him.’

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