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Farce in Victorian State Politics

For once I agree with an Age editorial.  Dennis Napthine the new Premier of Victoria has replaced Ted Bailleau and seems to have formed an alliance with MP Geoff Shaw who recently quit the Liberal Party enabling continued Liberal rule in Victoria.   Mr. Shaw was and still is under investigation for abusing his allowances by using them to promote private interests.  This deeply religious Pentacostal Christian has a chequered history. Shaw’s resignation from the Liberal Party seems to have triggered the change in Leadership.  Now it is claimed that Shaw is seeking an expanded superannuation scheme payout from the new leadership.

I don’t know if this latter claim is true or not but the appearance that it might be true is incredibly damaging to the low credibility we now attach to our State parliamentarians.  It will seal the fate of the Liberals in Victoria.

If it becomes a fact of Liberal Party history that a malcontent in the Party was seen as having triggered a leadership spill while he was under investigation for misusing public monies but then returned to support the government provided his superannuation payout was increased then the Liberals are justifiably doomed.

Mr Napthine: Time to set the record straight!

(i) Why was Ted Bailleau kicked out?

(ii) Make it clear that you would never provide increased superannuation benefits to anyone as a means of securing their political support.

Update: the media’s role in the downfall of Bailleau is made clear by this commentary in The Age.  The journalist pretends to recognise Bailleau’s qualities but ultimately condemns him for not been a stooge of the ignorant media.  For not being a glib politician with something exciting to say every day.  He celebrates “big mouth” Kennett’s wise words.

4 comments to Farce in Victorian State Politics

  • Jim Rose

    any parliament with a one-seat majority is always exposed to the fortunes of a rat-bag MP

    same federal house and on a regular basis in the senate and in NZ

  • conrad

    I didn’t think Bailleau was that bad — he wasn’t great, but I think people now judge performance too harshly and so we get these really fast swings. Things like public transport getting overloaded are intractable short-term problems, and things that would work in a shorter amount of time like congestion charging seem so disliked by the electorate that no-one will bring them in. People are also unwilling to listen to any idea of tax increases to actually pay for some of the things that are needed either (or for that matter increases in the price of public transport), and other sources of revenue like pokies and traffic fines can’t work forever. So I don’t see what one can do here.

    As for Greg Shaw, it will be interesting to see what they do. It reminds a bit of the corruption in the Labor party now, although I agree with Jim, that most parties are desperate to stay in power, no matter who they have to work with. It isn’t a great look, however.

  • hc

    Ted Bailleau didn’t have any charisma and that is what the press sell. Now that he is gone they seem to be regretting the loss of a good leader. But it isn’t just the press that are at fault – though they are a disgrace – it is also the electorate who, these days, put a low weight on substance. shaw just seems to me a fairly awful person – why did the Liberal Party preselect him in the first place? He has only been a party member since 2009. He has nothing substantial to offer to politics. His religious piety does not conform with his actions and apparent greed.

  • Jim Rose

    shaw was a strange choice indeed. what value did his regular odd habits add except controversy?

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