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Carcinogen retailers wail

In a study funded by Phillip Morris our friendly neighbourhood carcinogen retailers are wailing that their business has been adversely affected by the plain packaging laws on cigarettes.  It takes them longer to serve customers and they give customers the wrong brand more frequently.  They didn’t even get a chance to lobby for subsidies to offset the cost impacts. What bulldust- the brand is still on the packet. They should employ shop assistants who can read.

In other news I see that the UK will follow New Zealand in introducing plain packaging. Good.  Will Phillip Morris fund a further study there?  They never lie do they? These honest business want to retain their business. Smoking kills 100,000 people annually in the UK.

2 comments to Carcinogen retailers wail

  • Student T

    Who would have guessed that the Australian would run such an argument? But wait, which media company owner is on the board of Phillip Morris again? (Acknowlegment: The author of this comment works for an organisation whose chairman is also on the board of Phillip-Morris).

  • derrida derider

    But but but … I distinctly remember them funding a mutimillion dollar ad campaign, using retailers as frontmen, whose slogan was “it won’t work, so why do it?” (a campaign which rather avoided the question of why, if it won’t work, they were bothering to spend millions of their shareholders’ dollars to try and stop it).

    Are you telling me they are now paying retailers to complain that it DID work?

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