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Tragedy on golf course

I watched the Victorian Open golf tournament yesterday at the tough 13th Beach course near Geelong.  A good day as a couple of young pros from my local club were performing.  It got windy in the afternoon which blew some scores out a bit.

The sensation of the day was the performance by NZ golfer, Nick Gillespie, who shot a 7 under par 65 to equal the course record.  Unfortunately he left the “scoring area” without having signed his scorecard.  This led to his automatic disqualification from the event.  Kaput.

What a tragedy!  While a few tut-tutted about his carelessness most people I spoke to empathised with his situation and with what must have been an excruciating disappointment. His excitment at an incredibly good round of golf obviously led to a moment’s carelessness.  Very sad but very human.

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