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Did the tree fall?

On Thursday during the sweltering Melbourne heat I decided, on a whim, to play golf at my local club.  An uneventful round except that on the 9th hole I holed out – a hole-in-one.  It was a 135 metre par 3 and I knocked it in the hole with a 6 iron – the first hole-in-one ever for me.  My first reaction was “wow” – did that really happen?  My second reaction was the really childish one of looking around to see if anyone other than me had observed it happen.  You see I was playing by myself and, because of the hot day, there were few other people on the course and literally no-one was nearby at the time.  Its not quite like the philosophical question of whether the tree fell in the forest when no-one observed it falling.  That’s the philosophical question of whether existence requires observation?  The current situation however was more a question of belief/credibility and my reasonable entitlement to childish bragging rights and some well-deserved acclaim.  So I am doing a bit of bragging here in full recognition of the fact that almost no-one, anyway,  will have the slightest interest in the event.  But if you are in the minority who does feel free to (at least mentally) give me acclaim.

It did make my day and, as I have done it once, maybe I can do it again.

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