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Climate change stopped 16 years ago

No, it didn’t.

OK I am a bit obsessed with this issue (and have addressed the issue recently here and in 2008 here) but the lie that it did stop still gets repeatedly cited as an “inconvenient truth” by populist commentators such as Alan Jones and in blogs such as Andrew Bolt and Catallaxy.  I get angry over this issue because it concerns me that this deceit persists in The Australian and  other news media.  Do the people who promote this deception have moral standards? Those who operate and who live at these websites probably will never be convinced of the reality of anthropogenic climate change irrespective of evidence because of the emotional capital they have expended in defending the indefensible.

Here is a nice new repudiation of this erroneous “no climate change for 16 years” claim.  HT Slate.

All but 1 of the 10 hottest years on record have occurred since 2000. Breaking global temperature records is now the normThanks New Scientist.

Update: More idiocy along the same lines from the Catallaxy site.  The contributors at this site have a casual regard for truth.  This time Sinclair Davidson cites a US marketing professor as their “climate change expert”.  It is instructive to read the (mainly feral) comments associated with this Catallaxy posting.

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