Ornithological trivia

I golfed today at the National Course, Cape Schanck – specifically the Moonah.  As I approached the 18th green I noticed an Australian Hobby diving almost vertically into some thick grass presumably after a rodent.  As it hit the deck it was immediately attacked by an Australian magpie who sought a share of the booty – the magpie seemed almost to be waiting for the Hobby attack.  As the two birds tumbled around like a couple of furious wrestlers in the grass I heard “eek-eek” above. I then saw  a second Hobby hovering overhead – presumably the partner of the first – that dived directly onto the magpie.  Now all 3 birds engaged in a wrestling match in the grass for a few seconds.

The magpie is a much bigger bird and it caused the other two so much trouble that they flew off.  The magpie then searched the area for the target, I think without luck. The two Hobbies resumed their hovering for prey only 50 metres from where the fight had occurred.  It seemed as if a squabble with a magpie and a bit of a punch-up was all in a day’s work.  No concerns about a repeat.

I hit a great second shot to the green and finished an indifferent round of golf with a par on one of the tough holes on the Moonah course.  The ornithological punch-up added to the pleasure. (1189)

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  • conrad

    I think it’s that time of year. I saw a bit of surreal fight between a duck, which was standing in the middle of the road, and a cockatoo, which was repeatedly swooping it and trying to avoid getting pecked by the duck as it do so. I have no idea why this was happening as I haven’t seen cockatoos attacking other birds much before (let alone a duck standing on the road).

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