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Ridiculing Julia Gillard

The repugnant remarks of Allan Jones on Julia Gillard’s alleged role in causing her father’s death reflect on Jones not on Julia Gillard.  Jones should not be in the position of manipulating public opinion. 2GB should sack him and if they cannot because of his shareholding then advertisers should desert 2GB. I can only urge as many people as possible to sign the petition calling for  an end to the commercial sponsorship of this man’s involvement with 2GB.   I hope this sort of support will come from all sides of politics – no-one should support this level of discourse. Already many advertisers have refused to advertise during Jones’ segment and rural radio stations are refusing to rebroadcast his show. (Update: It has gone further.)

Before the current controversy I read the following analysis of the role of sections of the lunatic right wing media in attacking Gillard by Anne Summers.  Its definitely worth a read. It was obviously ignored by Jones who plays a key role in the Summers critique.

6 comments to Ridiculing Julia Gillard

  • rog

    Calling Jones an evil minded twerp is just playing the game to his rules. Jones will fight back heroically and in doing so will probably gather more fans, his business is to inflame and enrage and he is good at it. I bet that his ratings will increase as he digs the he-said she-said dirt on the alp.

  • hc

    Fair call rog. I’ve deleted those descriptors.

    he has already started doing what you suggest:

  • JB Cairns

    Jones is beyond the pale.

    He represents the catallaxisation of rednecks.

  • JB Cairns

    I should add Jones is free with calling people liars yet he said for example police stopped people from going to a rally in Canberra.

    That turned out as one might suspect to be totally untrue.

    Another person would call him a liar

  • rog

    Jones also got whacked for describing Lebanese Muslims as raping vermin. Support of Jones by BBish and others has shown Libs up as bunch of cranks.

  • Jim Rose

    Jones is a larger that life example of the difference between wit and crassness.

    A contrast: When Gough was repeatedly heckled by a voter at a public meeting for his view on abortion, Whitlam replied that he agreed with abortion, and in the voter’s case, the abortion should be retrospective. Everyone laughed and Gough got off the hook.

    30 years ago when public meetings in elections were raucous affairs rather than photo opportunities, being able to give as good as you got was a key political skill.

    Public meetings were tests of your mantle and those that did not fight back were judged to be weak. Stand-up comics had easier initiations.

    Wit has lost it place in public discourse. Jones was plain crass. There was no witty retort? name a witty 21st century politician?

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