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A few days at Lamington

I finally got to spend a few days at O’Reilly’s in the Lamington National Park. A super-efficient, large-scale ecotourism resort that provides much better food and quality of service than most luxury, downtown hotels. Moreover, despite the commercial tourism the quality of the natural rainforest environment around the facility is very good with only minor […]

Packer’s casino license

The best option for Sydney is to not renew the Star casino licence in 2019 and certainly not to award Mr Packer a second licence. But in a world of Liberal-Labor Party practicalities that won’t happen. Mr Packer is seeking the award of a second casino licence gratis in 2019 when the Star licence expires. […]

Catholic Church & Child Abuse

As an atheist I do focus on the religious views of the Catholic Church – they don’t make sense and it is interesting to understand how and why silly beliefs gain a foothold. The people who believe them do so because, by-in-large, their parents taught them to believe them. In that sense there is little […]

Global warming stopped 16 years ago

This nonsense claim was made on the basis of a claimed MET release by David Rose in the Daily Mail and picked up by the usual local idiot blogs – Catallaxy and, of course, Andrew Bolt.

This is the official MET rebuttal. Carbon Brief provides a complete rebuttal. I haven’t noticed a retraction at either […]

The Whipstick

I gave an economics class today at La Trobe University, Bendigo – to a highly motivated group of students – on carbon pricing. I felt a reasonable compensation for this assignment was the opportunity to head out into the Whipstick Forest around Bendigo. They were in great condition given the recent rains – wildflowers everywhere […]

Comments on economics research 1

John Quiggin writes that academic prestige (and academic employment) these days go mostly to those who publish a small number of high-quality articles in highly-ranked journals. Moreover, as a general proposition, the narrower the field of specialization of this research, the better the ranking. For such researchers second-tier, more generalist publications are worse than valueless […]

Ornithological trivia

I golfed today at the National Course, Cape Schanck – specifically the Moonah. As I approached the 18th green I noticed an Australian Hobby diving almost vertically into some thick grass presumably after a rodent. As it hit the deck it was immediately attacked by an Australian magpie who sought a share of the booty […]

Robert Gordon’s technological pessimism (revised)

It is mainly during the last 300 years that sustained economic gains to certain people have occurred. For the most part these people were living in industrializing Western-style, market-based economies. From the longer-term historical perspective of human existence over 50,000 years this sustained, broad-based economic progress has been a relatively short-lived aberration.


Price discrimination & congestion pricing

I have long advocated congestion pricing of urban roads. The idea is to charge people the short-run marginal cost of making journeys to redirect travel plans away from the morning and afternoon peak periods towards less congested periods. This means that the most valued journeys will occur at peak periods and the less valued journeys […]

Ridiculing Julia Gillard

The repugnant remarks of Allan Jones on Julia Gillard’s alleged role in causing her father’s death reflect on Jones not on Julia Gillard. Jones should not be in the position of manipulating public opinion. 2GB should sack him and if they cannot because of his shareholding then advertisers should desert 2GB. I can only urge […]