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Scientology & Catholicism

I am definitely no fan of Scientology but the ruckus this week over the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes separation on the alleged role of Scientology in the upbringing of their daughter strikes me as pure hypocrisy.  BTW I am unsure this is in fact the basis for the separation but it is the issue being focused on in the print media.  But it is hypocrisy. Catholics find no difficulty in inflicting their own religious foolishness on their children thereby creating lives ruined through inculcated neuroticisms.  And, for sure, past practices of the Church of Scientology  in targeting “enemies” are also extreme. But I wonder if these base Scientology practices are comparable to the widespread abuse of children in the Catholic Church by  clergy and by the Church’s sustained efforts to minimise admissions of such abuse.

Religion is based on lies whatever its starting point or vintage. This post was motivated by a current post at Club Troppo where Ken Parish reflects on his sad history of church involvement. Ken surprises us all by showing that there are both good and bad people in the church! Wow Ken! He also argues that he experienced some kiddie-fiddling at a Methodist Church showing that not all pedophiles are Catholics.  Again, wow Ken and what is your motive for deflecting blame by means of this time-worn diversion! Ken is (perhaps inadvertently) defending a collective bunch of liars who promote socially harmful irrationalism simply and Ken is doing this simply by arguing that some of their priests are decent blokes. Don’t worry about their nonsensical views – some of them are, after all, good blokes and that is enough.

7 comments to Scientology & Catholicism

  • conrad

    I agree — people are always laughing at scientologists for their weird beliefs and them indoctrinating people, but somehow or other Moses parting the sea, Jesus coming back to life, etc. and more importantly all the wars fought over tiny religious differences are not deemed equally as ridiculous or serious.

  • Jim Rose

    Why pick on the Catholic Church? Do not all religions recruit young?

    Your points are child abuse and the church hierarchy are on point.

    The covering-up of serious crime is a crime in itself.

    The failure to fire Catholic clergy caught abusing children was bizarre. Child abusers never stop.

    The legal strategies used to insulate church property from litigation are disgraceful.

    The church hierarchy acted to reduce secrecy and cover-up only when caught and politically cornered.

    In some U.S. jurisdictions, civil RICO suits were filed against Catholic dioceses, using racketeering laws to prosecute the episcopacy for abuses committed by those under their authority.

    There are no similar racketeering laws in Australia. Criminal conspiracy laws do not do the job either.

    I puzzle as to why child abuse by priests is not grounds for automatic excommunication. These are at least moral sins that must be forgiven in confession by fellow priests

    Here is a summary of canon law:

  • IC

    Check out Geoffrey Robertson’s ‘The Case of the Pope’. A thorough exploration of canon law and papal/clergy liability in sexual abuse cases. An interesting book for anybody to read, especially those that keep two sets of books in regards to good vs. bad deeds of the church.

  • Jim Rose


    The reviewer – a book editor of a catholic weekly – does his best, but still does not rebutt the accusation that the church hierarchy acted to reduce secrecy only when caught and politically cornered

  • JB Cairns


    It would be useful to declare what the ‘lies’ are.

    As for Ken’s post the kiddy fiddling was not in the Methodist church but by a music teacher who presumably went to the local Methodist church. This is entirely different to a ‘priest’ fiddling around with altar boys.

    Ken seems unable to see such jobs in the Catholic denomination would attract men who indulge in pedophilia. Grown men who can be alone with young boys would be irresistible occupation.

    He also seems to think celibacy by a catholic priest ( which is in fact totally against biblical injunction) is related to this practice. However the priests involved are not indulging in either fornication or adultery but pedophilia.
    A person who is not married but wants sex does not try to engage in sex with young boys.

    He certainly is ignorant of what forgiveness means. He claims it part of the problem yet in the next breath says people indulging in pedophilia do not see it as something bad.
    If this is the case they will not seek forgiveness as there is nothing to forgive!!

    The problem for any denomination is to behave in a biblically consistent way.
    Any problem involving immorality would mean immediate sacking.
    If contrite and realising their problem they could continue being part of the assembly using their brothers and sisters to overcome their problems.
    They also would need to be punished by law.

  • Jim Rose

    I know someone in the philippines who has a friend that is one of 18 sons of a priest. the new local bishop is cracking down on priests having children.

    after a fancy df dress night at uni, for which I had borrowed a priest’s outfit, afterwards I went to the uni bar. a surprising number of women tried to strike up a conversation.

    a lack of adult female company is not a problem for priests

  • Dario Arntz

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