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Dirt cheap pinot noir that is good

I read in the Epicure section of The Age on Tuesday an enthusiastic recommendation for De Bortoli’s Windy Peak Pinot Noir.   At Dan Murphy’s liquor stores the 2010 was retailing tonight at under $10 a bottle.  Its not great pinot but it is very, very  good – fragrant bouquet and simple strawberry flavours.  Good acidity and aftertaste.  I’ve drunk plenty of pinots at 2-3 times the price that were no better and some that were inferior.  Even 10 years ago Australian vineyards were not known for their production of the premier grape varieties pinot and chardonnay.  Now they produce many great wines and some – like this Windy Peak – which are priced in a way that must scare the pants off their competitive opposition.

Very good quality wine – great price.

13 comments to Dirt cheap pinot noir that is good

  • JB Cairns

    the last time I drunk a decent priced pinot was a long time and it was an Elderton.

    very few wineries can do a decent pinot however since Dan Murphy’s is close-by I will see if they have and give it a try.

    I hope you are right.

  • Fxh

    Most in my view are expensive and pinot blah.

  • Fxh

    Homer, please don’t get on the slops and start posting on blogs. Especially about your old hippie tastes in music.

  • JB Cairns

    Tell me can you still buy those very tasteful polyester safari suits?

    how do you get the wine stains of them?

    only decent Pino I ever tasted was Bannockburn but it cost a lot and was of no value. Luckily I didn’t buy it.

  • hc

    Bannockburn produced big boisterous pinots 15 years ago and they were among the best I have ever drunk. There chardonnay similarly magnificent. I must try again.

    Here are my rankings of a whole set of good Aussi-NZ ones.

    The Tuck’s Ridge 2007 were a beauties but now all gone – I should have had the willpower to save a few:

    I just bought a couple of 2008’s – haven’t tried them yet but they are expensive – the Buckle’s over $100 per bottle so a p[ricy dabble.

    The De Bortoli a steal at thgis price. .

  • JB Cairns

    Kiwi pinots are different.
    much better in terms of consistent quality and value for money.

    FXH could spill plenty of that stuff on his tailor made safari suits

  • fxh

    I buy my safari suits from SVdeP and I leave the plonk stains on them – adds to the patina

  • fxh

    harry – that Pinot is $30 at 1st Choice!

  • JB Cairns


    it was $12 a bottle at Dan Murphy’s at Eastwood however I agree wholeheartedly with you.A damned fine drop.
    Absolute bargain. too good to spill on FXH ‘s safari suits

  • De Bortoli really does seem to have the knack for making good wines at a good price. A decent pinot is the best wine there is for duck, in my books.

  • Jim Rose

    I prefer red wine.

  • fxh

    I had two bottles of this Pinot at the weekend – its a nice drop at a good price – if you like Pinot.

  • hc

    You did have 2 bottles in 2 days so I guess you must like pinot.

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