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Podcast on plain packaging.

Here is a podcast I gave on the plain packaging issue.

Here is a new quality report on this issue.

8 comments to Podcast on plain packaging.

  • conrad

    I think you got me to listen to that just hear you accent, which is very ocker! Unfortunately it appears to cut out very quickly.

  • conrad

    OOps, this is my browser sorry — if I download the whole thing it then works.

    It has occured that your accent goes up at the end of sentences, which is more characteristic of younger than older Australians. You have obviously been hanging around young people too much :).

  • IC

    Harry, is this legislation applying only to tailored cigarettes, or is it also covering cigars, and pouches of tobacco for roll-your-own and pipe smoking?

  • hc

    IC, As far as I know it is all covered by the legislation.

  • Jim Rose

    does plain packaging make smoking cheaper or more expensive?

  • hc

    Jim, That’s the subject of the talk. The paper itself in an earlier post.

  • Jim Rose

    I will watch the podcast now after one on my to-do list by sam peltzman.

  • Jim Rose

    how long is the podcast? I clicked on the link and it stop after the introductions?

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