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The Project, Channel 10

I watch almost no TV these days.  I used to watch the ABC but can’t even be bothered doing that. I used to watch some top golf tournaments on Foxtel but (generally) find that I’d prefer to play my own lousy game than to watch others play it really well. I have been inadvertently trapped into watching segments of Channel Ten’s The Project which screens at 6-30 weeknights because I get home while others in my household are watching it.   I use the word ‘trapped’ with care – its got to be the most stupid current affairs show of all times and I watch it with a morbid fascination.

The Project is current affairs repackaged as yuk-yuk humour provided by low-level commentators, stupid word plays and teenage-level sexual innuendo.  The presenters try to encourage the humorous atmosphere by grinning constantly and laughing aloud at each other’s dumb jokes and tedious repartee.  I wonder who watches this nonsense and what they get from it. So I searched for ratings and, yes, it is doing well circulation-wise alongside the other ‘low brow’ news commentary offerings, A Current Affair and the truly despicable and dishonest Today Tonight.  The latter comprise mainly muck-raking, low-level, ‘gotcha’ journalism rather than attempts to repackage the daily news as comedy.

We are expanding the university system and our living standards are among the highest in the world but, in terms of its appetite for news, Australia is becoming a nation of morons.  It is common to attack The Australian for its anti-science irrationalism but the electronic media make The Australian seem high brow.

7 comments to The Project, Channel 10

  • hc

    Minchin looked feeble but, yes, some good stuff from Naomi O.

  • Jim Rose

    if you also do not go to the movies that much more anymore, welcome to middle age.

    becker’s points about rising incomes and time-intensive consumption are also making you more discerning.

  • hc

    That’s fair comment. I was a big fan of the movies and still watch a lot but, yes, find many too feeble to think too much about. I like older movies – from the early 1970s.

  • Jim Rose

    ageing out of the bracket served by the movie producers. Five years ago, we used to buy those books of 10 discount tickets.

    Now, we would not spend them because we go to several types of cinema, assuming we go; require a great review to get us there.

    I am a proud owner of the complete dad’s army. noet that series 1 and 2 are no loss – black and white – and much inferior scripts and acting to series 3 and onwards.

  • Ann Watson

    Have been a fan of the Project, but WHY can they not include Hobart or Tasmania in the weather coverage. They are part of Australia.

  • Charles Rivers

    Hi,I watch your programme every evening and cannot understand why when the opposition makes such a big thing of the fact that Kevin Rudd is waiting in the wings to re visit the post of PM at a time when the government is starting to fight back in the polls and in my opinion is doing quite a good job I would have thought that you guys on the profile might remind Tony Abbott that there is a much greater threat waiting in the wings for HIM in the shape of Mr Turnbull,I think that the prospect of TONY ABBOTT being replaced if the current trend of the polls continues is very real.BRING IT ON

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