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Yep, I ordered one for reasons set out here.  My IPad1 is probably the best gadget I have ever owned.  I use it to track my day’s appointments, buy stock on the ASX and, of course, to track email and browse the web. I skipped IPad2 because I don’t want to be identified as the sucker who buys every update but I admit I was very tempted. My IPad sleeps with me not as a consequence of some exotic sexual fetish but because, by doing so, I can scan the nation’s media each morning without having to walk downstairs to access the hard copy. I do, eventually, collect the hard copy later and read the articles that my IPad suggested are worthwhile.

It has been suggested that IPhones and IPads are ‘gateway drugs’ that lead Windows users to the dark side, namely Apple computing.  That has been my experience – I have removed PC’s  from my life*- and, while I keep an open mind on advances in Windows technology, I doubt I will her moving away from my much-loved Macs any time soon.

I teach at large universities and to very large classes of 400 or more. Macs are taking over from PCs in the universities as a scan of any lecture theatre can tell. I think that my choices involve backing a winner.

* That’s not literally true. I keep a PC laptop for the SmartDraw program which is the best drawing package I have used (though it is being gradually destroyed by its attempts to expand it’s range of applications).  The Mac equivalent Omnigraph is not nearly as good.

4 comments to IPad3

  • I think by Omnigraph you mean OmniGraphSketcher. It isn’t really meant to be a fully featured drawing program.

    However, there are plenty of good alternative on the Mac App Store. From Omni Group themselves there’s OmniGraffle.

  • hc

    You are right its Omnigraph sketcher. A big disappointment. I’ll take a look at OmniGraffle as this is a real problem for me.

  • hc

    DavidN, I took a look – its awful software for my purposes – drawing freehand neat academic diagrams with inserted maths. SmartDraw (particular the earlier versions of it) is better.

    I did spend a bit of time on this months ago. I now word-process on a MAC but get my SmartDraw figures using Windows emulation software or, more simply, by doing the figures on a Windows machine.

  • Fair enough. Can’t say I know any mac apps with good maths insertion. That is one feature that I don’t think is well supported on the mac. The mac does have an in-built app called Grapher which has maths insertion, i.e copy and paste on to other documents, but it’s primitive.

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