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Thuggery in Canberra

The violent demonstration by the thugs who support the so-called “aboriginal embassy” in Canberra should be unambiguously condemned.  The site itself is unsightly, unwarranted and probably should be removed. It is not, as one of the demonstrators claimed, “sacred”. Nor were the considered and very reasonable comments by Tony Abbott regarding this site the basis for the violent act of thuggery against Abbott and PM Gillard. The ensuing threats and incitements to violence  made by the demonstration’s leaders – anyone opposing our views will be attacked – did nothing to advance the cause of Australia’s indigenous people.

Afterthought 1: The slogan “quarantine racism, not welfare”  used by the protesters accurately describes the despicable ethics of these awful people.  Keep the money flowing to us while we burn your flag and accuse you all of racism if you dare condemn our thuggery.

Afterthought 2: Isn’t the real racism here the fact that these cowardly thugs were not arrested? Why the double standards? Stupidity and the inability to interpret accurately the remarks of Tony Abbott does not provide an out.

4 comments to Thuggery in Canberra

  • observa

    I reckon it’s more than just that Harry. The whole episode represents the ugliest side of this Federal Labor Govt with the rotten underbelly of their Green/Union/Leftist/Victim mantra that has been exposed for all to see. Unlike the Hawke/Keating era where the ratbag element of the Labor side of politics was never allowed to hold sway, Gillard and Swan are the real culprits here and I’d hazard a guess it’s all downhill for them now. She was always on borrowed time after the carbon tax lie but I reckon this display is terminal for her now. There’s no credibility left in Federal Labor anymore.

  • hc

    The so-called ’embassy’ – in fact a shanty-town – was around throughout the Howard years. I agree that more decisive action should have been taken against the thugs but my main criticism of Gillard is that she behaved like a terrorised scardy-cat. Apart from sending out the wrong signals to the thugs the suggestion is that we have a PM who is not adapt at dealing with pressured situations. That is worrying.

  • 2 tanners

    The ’embassy’ was set up while McMahon was PM, over 40 years ago. I worked in buildings near it for a long time. No PM in that time has tried to do anything with it, except ignore it, which is easy enough given that although the embassy has not moved, Parliament has.

    However, the embassy only has about twenty homeless

  • 2 tanners

    …people living in it. The thugs marched over from the Uni.

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