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Golf GPSs

Because my sense of distance isn’t that good I bought a Sureshot golf GPS that tells me fairly exact distances from my golf ball on almost all golf courses to the pin. There are many similar devices on the market and their price has declined quite a bit. I bought my Sureshot a few years […]

Thuggery in Canberra

The violent demonstration by the thugs who support the so-called “aboriginal embassy” in Canberra should be unambiguously condemned. The site itself is unsightly, unwarranted and probably should be removed. It is not, as one of the demonstrators claimed, “sacred”. Nor were the considered and very reasonable comments by Tony Abbott regarding this site the basis […]

Sociological “research”?

Sociologists and anthropologists sometimes seem to live in a parallel universe. This to me is incredible – relating what are claimed to be “racist” attitudes to flying the Australian flag on your car. Please read the link.

Are they serious and therefore just simple-minded ratbags? Or is this a joke and they have got me? […]

Labor & the pokies

The Labor Party’s leadership has always been close to the gambling industry and it is mainly bogan Labor Party supporters and voters who play the wretched machines designed to accommodate society’s losers. Around Australia almost all machines are concentrated in blue collar electorates and that is where the big gambling losses are concentrated. So it […]

Catchy tune by Gotye

I heard this on the radio while driving through heavy traffic the other day. My younger daughter identified it for me -its “Somebody that you used to know” by an Aussi-Belgium singer called Gotye and accompanied by the georgeous New Zealand singer-songwriter Kimbra. I think they are pretty good – its certainly a catchy tune. […]

Depression-creating macroeconomics

Martin Feldstein is by no means a radical economist. He advised President Reagan and is a former President of the NBER. But even he warns of the peril implicit in the failure to distinguish structural from cyclical deficits in the European economies. Moreover, this failure seems implicit in the stance of the European Central Bank. […]

Levy on carbon emissions is lawful

The European Court of Justice has ruled that the European decision to include in the European ETS carbon emissions generated by non-European aircraft flying to or from Europe is legal. This type of levy is a border “tax” adjustment of the type I have often discussed on this blog. It isn’t a discriminatory levy at […]

Ineffective NRTs?

I was interested in reports of a research study suggesting that nicotine replacement therapies (NRTs) were no more effective in helping smokers to quit their habits than simply going ‘cold turkey’. People had the same probabilities of relapsing into nicotine addiction even were they using NRTs even if they were receiving counseling to help break […]

China to implement carbon tax by 2015

This is important news. China to implement a rather low (10 yuan=$1-55A/tonne) carbon tax. Officials say it will be “increased gradually”. The tax is tiny but that it is being planned is most important (and welcome) news. For the most part China is employing quantitative restrictions and direct interventions to limit its rapidly growing emissions. […]