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Summer grabs me by the throat once again

I am heading north for a couple of weeks and can recycle an old post to describe this move – except that last year I was the proverbial brass monkey in freezing cold Beijing.  Blogging will be intermittent for two weeks unless it rains a lot. Readers please enjoy your summer vacation.  If you are not vacating to enjoy you are making a serious mistake.

Update:  On this holiday I have been reading Christopher Hitchen’s Arguably. Saddened yesterday to learn of his death.  A top athiest thinker with a passion for life.  I would have enjoyed sharing a decent bottle of wine with him.

Update: The weather has not been great on NSW’s South Coast but swimming almost every day at Mollymook and Narrawallee.  Also playing plenty of golf – a highlight was a game at Mollymook’s excellent Hilltop  course – ranked among Australia’s top 100 – the event saddened slightly by the fact that my son out drove me on a couple of holes for the first time – this is youthful ascention versus aging and no real point in getting too worried about the inevitable! Also a fun evening watching a local drama group at Milton perform the Australian drama Cosi. 

Update: A short excursion to Sydney started with an excellent day’s birdwatching at Longneck Lagoon on Cattai Road – Cicarda bird, Eastern whipbird,  White-bellied cuckoo shrike among many others.  A superb night’s entertainment at Sydney’s Wharf Theatre with Cate Blanchett providing an inspired (and physically demanding) performance in Gross und Klein.

3 comments to Summer grabs me by the throat once again

  • vince wike

    Fact….Absolute fact, the talk of tax increases on the wealthy is meant only,only only to buy votes from the people who need more money. This is a trick the dems have used since before I was born. If you take the time to do the research you would learn that the increase Obama is talking about would make no difference at all to our economy. Unless you are talking about the governments own economy. It only amounts to a minuscule number of dollars that the government would just blow on more crap we cant use and the deficit continues to skyrocket . If up the number on taxes on the richest Americans to 70 percent you and I would never notice the difference because that would still not fix the debt problem that we now have. If we are ever to get even close to out of debt it will be by cutting spending radically and increasing manufacturing in this country. Now if that idea came out of Obamas mouth coupled with small tax increases on the wealthy I would support it. Until then I will fight to stop this administration any way I can from doing anything at all other than go back home.

  • rog

    Fact is Vince, what you say is only an opinion.

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