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Andrew Bolt & Peter Roebuck’s suicide

A disgusting piece of scandal-mongering by the disgusting Andrew Bolt. Bolt is asserting that in the wake of Peter Roebuck’s suicide that he is being assessed unfairly by the media because he is not being treated comparably to a suspect pedophile priest.  Bolt admits there is almost no evidence on the issue but that Roebuck is a suspect pedophile is the clear Bolt inference.

The guy has just died in what are tragic circumstances but don’t let that stop you Andrew.  Pursue what you see as the truth Andrew just as you do on topics such as climate change, fake aboriginality and so on.

I didn’t think that the people who frequent Andrew Bolt’s blog were worth giving much thought to.  Its just far to easy to dismiss them as ignorant bogans.  But, in fact, many of the discussants of this post objected to this awful journalism. Hopefully exposing people to Bolt will have the theraputic effect of getting people to focus on their own nastinesses and their own inner demons.

10 comments to Andrew Bolt & Peter Roebuck’s suicide

  • Joe Taranto

    Agree with you 100%. We don’t know if the allegations are true, and he helped so many underprivileged children.
    I wonder if Andrew has ever made a mistake, he seems to take great glee in pointing out the flaws in everyone else. The sooner he goes to Fox network, the better off we’ll be.

  • hc: good to be in agreement again. The idea that Pete Roebuck was a pedophile on the word of a 26 year-old Zimbabwean is preposterous beyond all belief. I was once a citizen of what is now Zimbabwe, and increasingly over the years, despite having a prison record on their (black) behalf, have found most of them will do anything for money other than anything useful.

    Had he not jumped to his death Pete would have been vilified by MSM on the word of an adult male (which even if true) would have showed that guy was a total creep incapable of behaving like an adult human being.

  • observa

    Have to disagree Harry. First of all any well known public identity jumping out of a window when Plod rolls up with some difficult questions is always going to be big news. On top of that the general public don’t like kiddy fiddlers and any whiff of it is naturally news, except that librul progressive journos have a 2 faced attitude towards it and it shows. Remember the Mr X outing in Parliament?
    No natural justice there and the MSM quietly acquiesced because it was all about God-botherers, instead of one of their own secular lefty creative types. We see it time and time again. Basically some poofs are more equal than others.

  • observa

    Sex sells too and don’t get me started on the usual suspects witch hunt over young people behaving badly in the ADF or footballers and their groupies. Some hetero behaviour is more equal than others too and if you don’t believe me, try critiquing the same behaviour vis a vis the first inhabitants or those on SPB.

    What generations used to know intuitively is now the object of ‘intellectual’ curiosity-
    And now these faculty lounge, social tinkerers want to make marriage anything you choose? Idiots!

  • Diabolical

    Let’s try flattery then.

    What a magnificent piece, Clarke. You outdid yourself this time.

    As I said. Just sad.

    Editor comment. You are using multiple email addresses but have the same IP address Troll. You are not welcome on this site at all. By posting here you are breaking the law.

  • KB Keynes

    typical of Bolt.
    Assert what the Judge rejected as truth.

  • conrad

    observa — most evidence looking at gay couples show almost no differences vs. straight couples. If anything, if marriage really does help children (and what you are saying doesn’t show any causation that it is marriage that helps kids versus a confound with the people likely to get married), then that would be an argument to allow gays to marry — it’s not like piles of them don’t have children already.

  • KB Keynes

    I see Bolt has no idea of what paedophilia is or he obviously doesn’t know the age of the three adults in the case or he does but simply wants to lie about it.

    The prosecution changed their charges in the case from sexual assault to criminal assault.

    The Judge handed out a suspended sentence.

    Does any of this register in Bolt land at all?

  • Rusty

    As an avid reader of Bolt I can say Bolt was spot on. This Peter Roebuck fellow once asked some 20 year olds he had canned to see their backsides. The guy was clearly a fruit loop and very possibly pedophile given he was towing the age limit so young.

    As the Chaser once said, “even pricks turn into top blokes after death”

  • via collins

    Very much par for the course in Bolt-land.

    As my wife, a journalist herself said a few weeks back, “After being exposed publically for being a lazy, incompetent journalist, don’t you think he’d shut up a while?”. Afraid not. The knee-jerk responses of the Bolt tribe feed a large audience sadly.

    Clearly the Roebuck story is complex, and demanding of some facts and some rigour before the pointing and yelling, but no, no time for that is there when you’re always right! Further par for the course is Observa using the term “kiddy-fiddler” when the known cases refer to 19, and 26 year old people. Good god.

    Happily there are some tremendously nuanced responses in the MSM and on-line. Hopefully these will counter the nincompoops.

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