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Steve Jobs RIP 1955-2011

Why do many of us feel so sad about the passing of Steve Jobs? He was a remarkably successful entrepreneur and a visionary in terms of product design but he is scarcely a Thomas Edison. I don’t have a particularly clear answer to this question.

I am a recent convert to the world of MAC. The iPhone and iPad operated as ‘gateway drugs’ and led me to a total switch from Windows-based computing. It is great technology and I guess I associate its elegance and supreme functionality with Jobs.

Goodbye Steve. You were a remarkably innovative person who died at what is a somewhat low age. I feel sad tonight reflecting on your passing. I feel like I knew you though I didn’t.

2 comments to Steve Jobs RIP 1955-2011

  • Michael

    He wasn’t really an inventor but a technology auteur. He had a rare combination of creativity, marketing and insight and as his career developed a kind of ruthless determination for his companies to be profitable making products he was proud of. One of the interesting things about apple computers for those who have used them for a long time was the care taken to design the insides of the computers which a lot of people never got to see. The cube was a case in point. It was a flop in the market but it was beautifully made especially if you opened it.
    He was also very charismatic, and his enthusiasm was infectious. His showmanship was also unique in the I.T. world. I queued up behind a couple of hundred people at 4am in the morning to get into a keynote speech, and I can safely say no other high-tech CEO’s generated this kind of crowd.

  • ken n

    I agree Michael. The most common description mentioned in the tributes is “visionary”.
    He was not that.
    He was a brilliant manager whose company produced great products. In several cases – the ipod for example – Apple got right something than other companies had invented.It was the almost obsessive attention to the product that made him standout. I have met a couple of people who I would describe as businesses geniuses – they both cared about the product more than the figures.
    It will be fascinating to see if Jobs’s successors can follow his act.
    I doubt it.

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