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OSX lion

I installed the much improved OSX lion today for the three Mac computers I own.  It was $33 for the download but once I paid for it once at the Mac App store that was it for all computers.  Installing new operating systems on Windows machines has been one of those things that has plagued my life – some have told me that in the past it wasn’t such fun for Mac’s either. OSX lion took a bit of time for the downloads to occur (it was 3.5GB) but was fully automated as well as being inexpensive.   All machines running beautifully. These new Macs are powerful machines – equip them with a solid state drive and 16GB of Ram and they run like a Viagra rocket with the OSX lion. Here is a very comprehensive review that I am working though.

3 comments to OSX lion

  • conrad

    Windows is a pain — the biggest pain is transferring it from computer to computer (which, for example, occurs if you want to change computers because your laptop dies or you just can’t get a new one), which you can’t do without phoning up Microsoft (!!) and going through an endless process (and the same is true true of their other software also, like Office). It’s so annoying for me that I just rebuy the software (which is very cheap with academic licenses). However, if I didn’t need to use Microsoft Studio for programming, I’d use Linux or something else due to these problems — I think the monopoly has made Microsoft customer service hopeless in this respect and it would be good if Linux or Macs give them a scare so they can’t think of ways to deliberately piss their customers off.

  • hc


    I think Microsoft is on the wane. The chances are it will need a leapfrogging innovation that replicates what Apple has done. The recent profit figures from Friday’s press are astoundingly goof for Apple:

    Shares of Apple gained 7.8 per cent this week after the tech giant reported that second-quarter profits more than doubled to $7.31 billion.
    Microsoft was up 2.8 per cent for the week after it reported record revenue, thanks in part to impressive sales of its Xbox gaming console.

    Windows 7 is a good operating system but Lion OSX trounces it.

  • ken n

    I agree on Lion. A very nice piece of work.
    I’ve recently bought a Samsung Chromebook (yes, it’s a toy) and am impressed.
    The Chrome browser is the operating system – Apple seems to be wanting to abolish the browser and move to apps. Google is dependent on the web because of advertising. Interesting arm wrestle.
    I don’t think I’ll travel with the Chromebook, though. The iPad does pretty well all I need on the road, especially where I can access to the cloud.
    I’ll report later on the Hindu Kush.

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