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Mini speakers

If you are travelling and spending a lot of time in hotels a useful option is to have a reasonable sound system that you can play in your hotel room. I have a vast musical library on my 13″ MacPro but the speakers are fairly limiting. I found these X-mini speakers in the Canberra Apple store.  They are very small indeed and fold up into a durable egg-shaped object.  They produce an amazing volume level – certainly enough to fill a large room.  Sound quality is good if not great.  They were inexpensive – I ditched the receipt but they were about $65. They are a snack to set up which was useful since the postage stamp-sized “User Guide”had impossibly small fonts that were impossible to read.

3 comments to Mini speakers

  • conrad

    They do look neat, although I generally just use headphones — I can give you a recommendation at the other end of the price spectrum for this. If you sit on planes a lot (which I assume you probably do), the BOSE noise-cancelling headphones are simply wonderful since they cut out vast amounts of buzz and the sound quality is great.

  • nam

    Apple is just phenomenal. User Guide is small but I’m sure you can find a pdf file of it on the internet

  • You’re absolutely correct that these tiny mini speakers are having astounding sound quality

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