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Iris DeMent & John Prine

Lazy Friday night listening mainly to Iris Dement but also caught this humorous piece by DeMent and John Prine. Here’s another DeMent effort “My Town” with Emmylou Harris.

I like DeMent’s voice, her simply folksy lyrics and her occasional sardonic realism:  “Some say there’re comin’ back in a garden/Bunch of carrots and little sweet peas/I think I’ll just let the mystery be”.


7 comments to Iris DeMent & John Prine

  • fxh

    Welcome to Iris – even if a bit late in the day. John Prine has a great album of country duets – Iris does “In Spite of Ourselves” with him.

    My Town ranks alongside Flame Trees as a great returning home to country town song. A smallish but important genre.

  • via collins

    Oh boy, what a voice that Iris has.

    She’s as diminutive as a will o’the wisp as a performer, but her voice just cuts through hearts and souls.

    Never miss the opportunity to see her perform Harry, puts the recordings in teh shade.

  • fxh

    Just heard on radio – Vince Jones doing a version of MY TOWN on his latest album

  • via collins

    wow, that’s potentially a beaut.

    FXH, did you hear if this new lP is a part of his upcoming Bennett’s Lane shows? I’ve never actually seen him play, but he tends to have crack players around him, and this cover version could be the spur to get me to a gig.

  • fxh

    I thought his version wasn’t all that great. But I think Vince is one of our unsung (small pun) heroes and even on a bad night he’s better than most.

    In the 70’s I used to go see him every Saturday night at a pub just down from me – Tankerville Arms.

    I still follow and get to see him when I can.

    I’ll be trying to get to see him @ Bennets

  • fxh

    oh oh – Vince is playing tomorrow and sat only – didn’t realise it was that close.
    Joe Chindamo is great too

  • via collins

    FXH, he’s been playing irregularly at BL this year. He’ll be back soon enough….but I’m still going to try and get there tonight.

    Going to Hepburn Springs tomorrow night to see Renee Geyer, may as well make it a weekend of rolled gold Melbun music legends!

    Agree on Joe Chindamo, always great.

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