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Book Depository gets eaten

Very sorry to see that the UK’s Book Depository has been taken over by The competition BD forced on Amazon has been beneficial to Australian book consumers. I was generally buying fiction novels in Australia from BD airmailed from the UK for about half the price of the same book in Australian stores. Amazon UK started to match those deals with a wider range than BD but with the same postage-free policy. The competition will be missed.

I am a big fan of too but the red hot poker of competition was forcing a good firm to be even better. I’ll watch and take note but can almost bet book prices will rise.

6 comments to Book Depository gets eaten

  • Alan remains an alternative, Harry.

  • ken n

    Yes. I buy mostly from Amazon though when something is available in Australia I try to get it from Gleebooks – which I hope will survive. But I draw the line when the local price is more than 30% higher than the landed Amazon price.

  • Sinclair Davidson

    Even more sorry that Readers Feast is (apparently*) going into receivership.

    * according to the Age but precious few details.

  • hc

    I’ll try all these. Its not just that books are cheaper from places such as BD and Amazon – you also can search easily, get second-hand copies of hard to get books and have a huge range.

  • ennui

    Interesting. I was chatting with the owner of the American Bookstore in Brisbane earlier this year, telling him I buy most books from BD particularly as they are freight free. He told me to make the most of it as BDs strategy was to be taken over by Amazon. Apparently a well known fact in the book industry.
    Both Fishpond and Booktopia are OK but invariably BD was the better price. Amazon was always competitive but were usually beaten by the freight component.

  • via collins

    Book Depository was too good to be true when a Larvatus Prodeo commenter turned me onto it three years ago.

    But the dream kept going. Combine the service with the exchange rate, I was making out like a bandit.

    Hopefully several clever Australian businesses have learnt from the success of BD, and we’ll have a local equivalent soon. Clever country, or asleep at the wheel country?

    Markets always sort ’em out, don’t they?

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