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Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn & Ms. X , the maid

As I remarked in an earlier post the media have totally abandoned the principle of “presumption of innocence” in relation to the claimed rape of a hotel maid.  This outrage was fostered by the New York prosecutors and the police who treated him publicly as a criminal. Commentary in the press was written and constructed to assume guilt even if it was acknowledged that he had not had his day in court.  Now an equally reprehensible story is going around that the maid in question is a liar who concocted the allegations in order to secure a monetary gain.  She is not a defendant in this case but it still seems to me that she too has been denied a “presumption of innocence”.

What is the truth in this situation? I have not got a clue but should we not wait for the issue to go to court rather than participate in this horrendous trial by media.  Strauss-Kahn was apparently an excellent head of the IMF – he certainly got the seal of approval from Joe Stiglitz – and regardless of the outcome of this case his career has been irreparably damaged.   Discussions in the press about his past alleged philandering reflect a philistine puritanism to the extent these past liaisons were based on mutual agreement. His accuser remains largely anonymous but she too has a life and deserves her day in court to make her allegations.  Currently she is being identified as a conniving prostitute.

We love to be titillated by scandals but this is silly behaviour. It sells newspapers and that is about all.

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  • ken n

    Good observation hc. Sad that even once highly valued media outlets are now in the entertainment business.

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