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Love in science & economics

I posted quite a while back on my conflicted view of the science of love (or “affection”) as it was developed by Harry Harlow. Harlow established what we would widely taken as obvious today that humans and particularly children need “love” to function well – that was not obvious 50 years ago. The idea of […]

Water Forum at Wodonga

I have been attending the 4th Annual Water Forum at La Trobe University Albury-Wodonga and -incidentally I hasten to note – golfing near Albury (at Thurgoona) and at Cobram-Barooga. The Water Forum was organised by La Trobe’s Professor Lin Crase. Over the past few years it has evolved from an informal discussion between academics and […]

Female orgasms

Study shows that masculine, dominant men who are handsome provide women with better orgasms. Hence the quality of orgasms drives sire choice. Probably worth demonstrating with data????

OSX lion

I installed the much improved OSX lion today for the three Mac computers I own. It was $33 for the download but once I paid for it once at the Mac App store that was it for all computers. Installing new operating systems on Windows machines has been one of those things that has plagued […]

China & carbon control – some arithmetic drama

China emits about 5 MT of CO2E for each person per year. Although this is low by developed country standards (less than 1/4 of both Australian and US emissions) it is high by international standards and must be more than halved by 2050 if carbon emissions are to be at the average global level consistent […]

Wendy Carlisle on Mr. Monckton

This is a wonderful radio report – fairly long but please take the time to listen to it. The ABC delivers a news and current affairs service in Australia that no other service provider comes close to providing.

Climate change scepticism is a mental illness of the current era. Its proponents are liars and/or fools. […]

Costs of vehicle-induced air pollution

When I worked on transport sector externality issues recently I became aware of the issue of the impact of air pollution from vehicles on human health. Concern with this issue has subsided a lot over recent years because of improved emissions performance by vehicles. Most attention gets focused on traffic congestion issues and road accident […]

Female workers & wage justice

According to this report women who take time off work to have and raise children are paid less than those who don’t. That sounds right. Presumably wages reflect productivity which is diminished if workers interrupt their time at work. The pervasive and destructive myth continues that employers should implement a program of social justice in […]

Losing weight

Eat your food off small plates and use a large fork.

Courage in the face of climate change lies

Paul Kelly is an experienced politically savvy journalist whose views I respect who but writes for the increasingly discredited The Australian. This piece attacks Julia Gillard for abandoning Australia’s low cost fuel advantage in introducing a carbon tax. It’s putting lead in the ‘national saddlebags’ according to Kelly. This is a false picture since the […]

Mini speakers

If you are travelling and spending a lot of time in hotels a useful option is to have a reasonable sound system that you can play in your hotel room. I have a vast musical library on my 13″ MacPro but the speakers are fairly limiting. I found these X-mini speakers in the Canberra Apple […]

Experts in a democracy

I enjoyed this

Update: but not this.

Australia will tax its carbon emissions

I listened today to historically important speeches by the Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Minister Greg Combet on the Governments’s carbon tax proposal. Of course I knew the announcement was coming but to find out the details of the proposal – in the link – and to hear such a clear and eloquent defence of […]

Iris DeMent & John Prine

Lazy Friday night listening mainly to Iris Dement but also caught this humorous piece by DeMent and John Prine. Here’s another DeMent effort “My Town” with Emmylou Harris.

I like DeMent’s voice, her simply folksy lyrics and her occasional sardonic realism: “Some say there’re comin’ back in a garden/Bunch of carrots and little sweet peas/I […]

Interactions between monetary & fiscal policy

My colleague Dr Jan Libich recorded an interview with Professor Eric Leeper today that I attended. The interview went for about an hour and is recorded in YouTubes. First is part of the interview here and then then an interview with Jan here. An interesting approach to providing teaching material for macroeconomic students.

Leeper was […]

Book Depository gets eaten

Very sorry to see that the UK’s Book Depository has been taken over by The competition BD forced on Amazon has been beneficial to Australian book consumers. I was generally buying fiction novels in Australia from BD airmailed from the UK for about half the price of the same book in Australian stores. Amazon […]

Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn & Ms. X , the maid

As I remarked in an earlier post the media have totally abandoned the principle of “presumption of innocence” in relation to the claimed rape of a hotel maid. This outrage was fostered by the New York prosecutors and the police who treated him publicly as a criminal. Commentary in the press was written and constructed […]

Barry Jones on climate

I attended the book launch of the Garnaut review 2011 the other day in Grattan St Melbourne. The guest speaker was Barry Jones who also launched the book. It was an informative, interesting speech and I have been trying to track it down. This is substantially what he said. Barry is a somewhat gruff, likable […]

Blinder on the US economy

This short piece in Foreign Affairs by Alan Blinder is as good a statement as I have seen on the state of the US economy:

“The majority of Americans can be forgiven for believing — as they do — that the U.S. economy is still in a recession when it’s not. The economy is certainly […]