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Rory McIlroy, youthful excellence

RM’s win in the US Open golf tournament featured the best golf I have ever witnessed.  An astonishingly powerful drive but his work with all clubs in a golfbag was inspirational. Yes and having watched Tiger Woods play that is a big statement on my part. RM’s consistent (and almost unnatural) brilliance was spread over 4 days.  He achieved a record low aggregate for the tournament.   And RM is only 22 years old. What a future he must have in golf.

And what a thoroughly likeable and decent young man RM  is to boot.  A deserving champion.  I hope his youthful success does not  harm him.

Jason Day the young Aussi from Queensland secured second place – after gaining second place in the Masters. JD is a great golfer and vagain illustrates the triumph of youth in golf – JD might provide competition for RM in the future but the victory today by RM was stunning and overwhelming.

2 comments to Rory McIlroy, youthful excellence

  • Mark U

    I agree that RM played some terrific golf and is decent and likable – in a way Tiger never was. But I wonder how long that swing will stand up for. The golf swing is a very unnatural action that can put a lot of stress on back and knees. Jason Day has a more compact swing that will put less pressure on his body while not losing any significant distance. Both have a very strong work ethic so it will be interesting to see where each is in 5 years time.

  • hc

    I noticed when he finishes his swing that his belt-buckle almost faces square to the fairway. It is a swing with awesome power and you are right – it must put stresses on the body. You are also right about JD having a more relaxed looking swing. JD will win a major too I am sure.

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