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Pokie sale fiasco

Labor Party corruption and/or incompetence seems to have reached new heights with news today that 27,500 pokies were sold for an average of $37,000 per machine for a 10 year entitlement on each machines. These machines generate on average about $100,000 per year. The report by Victoria’s Auditor General claims that Victorian taxpayers lost up […]

Animal welfare again

I am pleased that the issue of animal cruelty has been raised in relation to the ritual killing of sheep and other animals for Jewish and Muslim consumers. It is important that humans extend their scope of welfare concerns to both all forms of human life and to non-human life as well. This is not […]

Cape Schanck & the National

I’ve been working on many things over the past few weeks but took a day off last week to visit Cape Schanck and the National Golf Club. This area lies in a spectacular and scenic part of Victoria. In winter it can be wind-swept and fairly bleak but the scenery remains extraordinary. The National is […]

China & the diseases of affluence

I found this report on the incidence of type 2 diabetes in China stunning. An excerpt”

“As the economy has grown, ever-increasing numbers of Chinese are eating more, drinking more, driving more and sitting more. Data from makers of soft drinks suggests that sales in the more affluent parts of the country have risen fivefold […]

Rory McIlroy, youthful excellence

RM’s win in the US Open golf tournament featured the best golf I have ever witnessed. An astonishingly powerful drive but his work with all clubs in a golfbag was inspirational. Yes and having watched Tiger Woods play that is a big statement on my part. RM’s consistent (and almost unnatural) brilliance was spread over […]

ACE 2011 & intellectual elitism

The Australian Conference of Economists is being organised by William Coleman at the Australian National University this year from 10-14th July. You can register to attend here. It has a good range of invited speakers. I am always surprised at the high quality papers presented at ACE meetings from those working in parts of the […]

Animal rights

Throughout my life I have been a somewhat hypocritical carnivore. I eat meat (and invest in agricultural businesses) but fundamentally dislike the notion of killing animals for food. The best way I can live with this hypocrisy is to seek to promote humane treatment of the animals that as a human I do eat. I […]

Thoughts on Polanski

I have been overwhelmed with academic work of late. My blog postings have obviously suffered and countless thousands of grief-stricken readers around the world have made complaints. In the evenings I ‘ve also entered into an intellectually lazy mode and done the Norm-like, Bogan thing.

For recreation I have enjoyed playing with my new Mac […]

Daft Frankston bypass project

In April 2009 I suggested that the idea of paying $750 million to build an unpriced linear feeder road that would feed into Melbourne’s traffic congestion and encourage urban sprawl was ill-advised. Today’s Age confirms this view in a scathing report from Victoria’s Auditor General. With inflation and a cost blowout of 45% from the […]