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Bob Gould RIP

I’ve known Bob since around 1966 or 1967. A great character of the left and a shrewd entrepreneur.  Bob held strong Marxist views and sometimes said and did strange things.  I remember him up in a tree outside the Soviet Embassy around 1968 when we were protesting the Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia.  His bookstore itself was an amazing musty jungle of confusion with books piled everywhere on every conceivable topic.  He could be very direct and extreme in making political judgements and seemingly very uninterested in making a sale in his shop.  He could also be very helpful and was generally entertaining.  I hadn’t seen much of Bob in recent years but when I did call in at his shop I would have a yarn – he mellowed with age more than a little.  He will be missed by his political supporters and by his political foes alike.

Update: Here are some responses to Bob’s passing.

2 comments to Bob Gould RIP

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  • derrida derider

    Ah, memories of my youth. When an extremely impecunious student in the ealry 70s I spent hours there, never able to actually buy. Finally I slipped a couple of books past him when he was at the register – he was too busy arguing with someone on some obscure point of leftist theology at the time. I’d always intended to drop in & pay for them sometime & now it looks like I never will …

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