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How conservative politicians (with principles) address climate change

I took this from today’s who, in turn, took the substance of the article from The Guardian.  The latter link worth reading since it also points out that British industry is backing this policy.

“The UK is to put in place the most ambitious targets on greenhouse gases of any developed country, by halving carbon dioxide emissions by 2025, after a tumultuous week of cabinet rifts on the issue.

  Agreeing the targets took weeks of wrangling among ministers, but late on Tuesday afternoon the energy and climate secretary, Chris Huhne, announced to parliament that the “carbon budget” — a 50% emissions cut averaged across the years 2023 to 2027, compared with 1990 levels — would be enshrined in law.

Reaction has been swift, and pertinent. Take this comment from Connie Hedegaard, the European Union’s climate-change chief:

 “This is a recognition that to be very ambitious on public spending [cuts] does not mean you can’t be ambitious on climate-change targets.”

And from David Kennedy, chief executive of the Committee on Climate Change advising the government on policy:

 “This is going to deliver higher [economic] growth for the UK. It could well give us lower electricity prices in the future than our competitors.”

Higher growth. Lower household costs. Within budget. Halving emissions within two decades. And all from a conservative British government.

Still reckon Australia is acting alone, Tony?” (my bold)

Update: Malcolm Turnbull shows there are conservative Australian politicians with integrity.  The Coalition’s policy only makes sense if action on climate change should be reversed  because the world is doing nothing to address the problem and we are therefore doomed.

5 comments to How conservative politicians (with principles) address climate change

  • MikeM

    I doubt that Tony will change any time until his mate, Cardinal George Pell, acknowledges that the Vatican is right on climate change, and that Pell is wrong.

  • observa

    ‘Chris Huhne, announced to parliament that the “carbon budget” — a 50% emissions cut averaged across the years 2023 to 2027, compared with 1990 levels — would be enshrined in law.’

    Not rolling out the old L.A.W law carbon cuts promise again? Still it’s pretty easy promising to leave the 50% cuts for the elected Gummint in 2023-2027. Hey, why not dump them with no kid living in poverty during those four years too?

    One simple question. For all the billions, ETSs, carbon taxes, hot air, windmills, solar panels, hybrids, green inspectors, green loans, pink batts, ethanol, palm oil diesel, tree planting, cow fart measurements, Edinburgh professors comparing CO2 emissions of filtered vs instant coffee, etc, etc, has Britain or any other developed country managed to even hold their CO2 emissions at 1990 levels?

    I note Bob Brown is out and about blaming the Murdoch Press for it all now Harry. Sheesh!

  • observa

    Mind you despite UK conservatives having that qualifying ‘get out clause’ re the rest of Europe, they have got a cunning plan-
    or perhaps we should call it 10 basic principles or maybe a 10 point plan?

  • observa

    Although when you think about their promise they can go flat chat with all that CO2 emitting concrete, steel, etc construction of 10 nuke plants and whatever else springs to mind and then in 2023-27 average out emissions over the 4 years and pat themselves all on the back for such a splendid job well done.

  • observa

    Paul Kelly nails it here-
    Yet you have to say so many in the media applauded all the profligate, rent-seeking, ‘reshiftable’ energy programs when they were being rolled out in an era when the graduazzi were still slapping themselves on the back at the demise of their ‘Orful Oward’. Their folly and hubris at the time, as they kumbayahed with the Gores and Pachauris, was to lump any critic of such lunar reshiftable energy policies into their inferior ‘denialist’ dump bin.

    Saw it on The Drum the other night with some silly professor flogging her book about how the tobacco lobby and the denialists are all in cahoots agin them now. Well presumably with Brown’s hate squads in the Murdoch press too. When one of the panel stated he was agnostic on AGW after Climategate, Glaciergate, etc had broken, she was almost apopleptic that any thinking person could be so stupid. Agnostic to her was worse than a denier by the looks. They ran out of time to discuss her ‘achilles heel’ (with capitalism) as she was about to enlighten us all with. Got news for you with those poll figures from the working families luv. It aint the marketplace, it’s the way it’s constituted stoopids and look who’s doing the constituting? Economic illiterates that make the Whitlam Govt’s economic credentials look positively glowing by comparison. Graduazzi amnesia has set in with so many now, too embarrassed to admit they twice voted for these clowns.

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