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Golfing & birdwatching

I am a member of a beautiful golf club that is only 10 km or so from the centre of Melbourne.  It lies on flood plains adjacent to the Yarra River. Golf has largely replaced my previous weekend diversion of bird-watching but not entirely. Now I bird-watch – though not very seriously – as I golf.   There is a frequent Peregrine falcon visitor on the course – you don’t have to watch for it as the alarm calls from Noisy minors announce its arrival.   It scouts along the tree lined fairways looking for prey.  I have also seen Brown falcons which are fairly common along the Yarra River. The course also has a large population – up to 50 or so – Gang gang cockatoos that reside at various times of the year and reasonable numbers of Yellow-tailed black cockatoos which, again, you generally hear before you see. I’ve seen Tawny frogmouths and a wide range of water birds including Intermediate and Great egrets.

Today I had a mixed golf round with quite a few good shots but more bad ones. Regrettably this is not a new story.  On the 7th hole my average golfing performance was put to one side when I saw flying at great height above the course a Wedge-tailed eagle, a first for me in this area. That’s a fairly dramatic bird this close to Melbourne although I have seen several further north in the northern extensions of Eltham.   It made my day despite my very average score.  Synergies.

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