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Royal wedding

For several hours tonight I watched on TV the lead-up to and then the marriage between Prince William and Catherine Middleton in London. I enjoyed it immensely – the pageantry, ceremony and good vibes. As an avowed atheist I even (hypocritically) enjoyed the religious ceremony accompanying the wedding. Some media commentators claim 2 billion people watched it around the world. I have always opposed Australia becoming a republic because (a) I am proud of Australia’s British origins and (b) despite its imperfections many of the alternative cultural offerings provided around the world look distinctly second-rate to me by comparison.  I am happy to have other cultures develop in Australia but I’d prefer to remain a liberal, open, democratic country with a civilised legal system of the type Britain has left us with.  The scenes of public theatre and romantic drama from London intensified that conviction.  God save the Queen! What a thrill it was to watch the future British monarch marry such a gorgeous bride. Sincere best wishes to them both.

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  • Brilliant. Your best ever.

    I wish you could find a way of posting the superb lesson chosen by Will & Kate and beautifully orated (by heart) by James Middleton, from Romans 12, 1,2 9-18.

    If I were RI, I would decree it should be read daily in every school, university, church, and mosque.

    No more deaths like those we have seen in just the last week in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

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