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Irresponsible comments from Bennett

If Jeff Bennett is quoted correctly his actions in seeking to torpedo a move to introduce a carbon tax are grossly irresponsible.  That’s putting it mildly.

His claims about about impacts on Australian trade are particularly silly given that the structure of the carbon tax base has not yet been agreed to.  Almost certainly the export sector will be largely exempt from charges – it was under the CPRS and proposed US regulation – so he is uninformed and is creating needless controversy.

His other claims about emissions growth in countries such as China suggest ignorance about what is happening in these countries too.  China is cutting emissions intensities by 40% to 2020. These are credible targets given that China did hit 2010 targets.  

I guess these types of remarks do grab a headline, particularly in The Australian.  Maybe some see a payoff in this but, in my view, it is just such bad form to inject such flawed views into this debate.

Update My view of Bennett’s irresponsibily (and single-mindedness) are confirmed by this interview with the ABC. Jeff’s fixations on community willingness to pay estimates are illuminating – here he is providing disinformation which helps distort such estimates.

5 comments to Irresponsible comments from Bennett

  • Matt C

    Great way to encourage debate Harry.

  • observa

    Bennet states
    “.. even if everybody did something about, if all nations in the world did what Australia’s doing, still the impact on greenhouse gases in the atmosphere would be so small, [it would] not have any real or meaningful impact on the pattern of climate across the planet.

    “What that means is that the Australian economy is going to have this quite substantial cost imposed on it, with very little to show by way of benefit.”

    He like many others are asking the hard question now. How much bucks for how much temperature decrease? If the taxers can’t answer then the game is over.

    Then you say Harry-
    “Almost certainly the export sector will be largely exempt from charges – it was under the CPRS and proposed US regulation – so he is uninformed and is creating needless controversy.”
    How exempt? The GST reform of the ubiquitous WST allowed exporters to account totally for such an indirect tax and claim a rebate for it. In that respect it made our exporters more competitive and went a long way toward increasing Australias overall prosperity. No such luck with a carbon tax, trying to extricate the cost of such a tax from all exporters’ inputs. An administrative nightmare. To the extent they can’t they’ll simply increase imported inputs which will not bear such a tax burden a la the car industry.

    Then the Cliamte Institute-
    “We have all the academies of sciences of the bigger countries around the world – the CSIRO and others – warning very clearly from a range of fields of science that impacts of climate change are being felt already and that we will see increased weather extremes.

    “We’ve got to get up there and take up responsibility. We certainly need to have a focus on adaptation now because all the best science is saying we’re beyond the ability to stop some of these weather extremes and some of the impacts of climate change.”

    That’s rubbish re weather extremes given the preliminary results of the Twentieth Century reanalysis Project results from Colorado Uni, showing no such thing going back to 1871. We’ve had Global Warming, Climate Change and now Weather Extremism. These people can’t get their PR straight and when they do engage in blatant false advertising and you ask the hard question what are we getting for our bucks, they duck the question and start emoting about fluffy kittens. Don’t treat us all like children in our schools and answer the hard adult questions.

  • observa

    Put it all in context Harry. These true believers in Canberra kicked off with Fuelwatch and Grocerywatch for their pet ‘working families’. Eco101 would tell you where that lot would end up, short of a bad rerun of the Soviet experiment. They never cease to surreptitiously fuel the Coles Woolies duopoly myth (can you believe their latest hysteria over cheap consumer milk?)and then there’s their continual bank bashing all in the name of the battlers. They should worship the ground our banks stand on for not being too big to fail like the ROTW banks. Then they foisted everything from Green Inspectors, Green Loans, pink batts, solar subsidies and feed-in tarriffs, free draught stoppers, light bulbs and shower heads and where are they all now Harry? Drastically reduced or gone the same way Rann just announced shower heads, dual flush cisterns and rainwater tank subsidies are going.

    Eleven years to clear Labor’s last $90bill black hole and inherit a handsome Future Fund and they’ve pissed it all up against the wall and then it’s MRRT and a flood levy and then the coup de grace for working families. Just as oil soars over a $100/barrel they want to tax that too. And they wonder why they’re all on the nose right across the land. Just keep it up graduazzi idiots and there’ll be more than a bloody revolution in the ME.

  • observa

    And just to complete the picture for you Harry. Remember all that graduazzi compassion for the first inhabitants and all those promises from Kevin07? Try here-
    while the same graduazzi put up boat people in places like Inverbrackie in the Adelaide Hills, in army housing with all costs covered and charter jets to fly Children on the Rocks, etc from Xmas Is to Sydney to salve their consciences. Does that increasingly hysterical Garnaut with his spruiking carbon tax mantra think the battlers out there don’t notice all this?

  • […] nonsense of Ian Plimer and a whole set of other denialist tracts on climate change.  In the past Bennett has attempted to torpedo moves for Australia to introduce a carbon tax. April 4th, 2012 | Category: climate […]

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