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Thoughts on my China visit

I posted these thoughts on the CHED’S website at Peking University.

1 comment to Thoughts on my China visit

  • conrad

    I like all the weird stuff that happens on the streets of many places in Asia too (which I think is probably in part due to poor accommodation and also because the streets are very safe) — something you don’t experience as much by just visiting. I also like the fact that people just sort of colonize any free bit of space that is available.

    When I lived in HK, I used to go running at about the same time in the morning every day on the same trail, and you start to get to know many of the same people out doing whatever they are doing day in day out also (sword practice, tai chi, chess, card-like games I don’t know the name of, etc.), and they generally start saying hello (very friendly). I even used to bump into one white guy walking his dog on the same trail everyday (almost at the same point!), so perhaps it’s contagious (I was running man and he was man with dog). Sometimes I wonder what has happened to them all.

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