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Viruses & a move to MAC

 I have had two serious computer virus infections over the past year. Both arose when I allowed a USB that I had used to make a Powerpoint presentation at a university seminar to have unprotected intercourse with my laptop.   The viruses were transmitted despite prophylactic protection in the form of anti-virus software.  I have been unable to rid my laptop of the second virus – the ‘Autorun virus’ – making it inconvenient for me to access material on peripheral devices.

I am tired of this nonsense and rather weary of Microsoft.  I am switching to an Apple machine.  I’ll try a MacPro laptop first to see how that goes and then switch over entirely to IMAC’s at home and work if that turns out to be a good move.  If Microsoft’s business is selling software shouldn’t an imperative for it be dealing with viruses?

In the past I have derided MAC owners as posers with too much money to spend. I am therefore about to become a bit of a poser myself. It is also true however that my IPAD has become an indispensible tool of trade.   It is so convenient and infected me with a measure of Apple enthusiasm. I have bought a few online user-guides to the Mac which I am, of course, reading on my IPAD.  

The only negative news I have come across about the move relates to the performance of Office 2011 on a MAC and bad reports I have heard about Microsoft Outlook.  One graphics package I have used for a decade – SmartDraw – does not work directly on MAC so I will need a Windows emulator but I will need to get that anyway – of course I then need virus protection for the emulator.

While in Beijing I have also been stocking up on black polar-necked sweaters and pre-faded jeans.    I am also acquiring an attractive 3 day old stubble on my face.

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