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China & the Koreas

I found this Guardian article by Chun Lin on the crisis in the Koreas interesting.  The island on which the North Korean attack was launched is in disputed territory.  The caution China is displaying in criticising North Korea will be partly driven by the huge scale of the joint US-South Korean naval exercises taking place close to Chinas coast. The US must solve not fuel this problem. This is not of course to excuse in any way the  fanatics who run the North Korean regime  – the world would be a better place without these evil men.  But war might be worse than living with them at present.

 China is calling for calm and for talks – makes more sense than its US critics might think. Despite the Wikileaks messages China will remain close to North Korea:

“This year sees the 60th anniversary of the Korean war. The Chinese remember that conflict mainly for the heroic struggle of their volunteers in Korea, and the two countries have been tied together in their national liberation struggles ever since the Japanese invaded Manchuria in 1931. Deep in China’s heart, the recent dilemma is not so much about Korean unification or regime survival in the North as its own lost sons and daughters – hundreds of thousands were buried on the other side of the Yalu river. Revolution and socialism might be long gone; national pride, in this case flavoured with an element of internationalism, still lingers”.

Update: The US has now initiated a massive military exercise with Japan close to the coastline of South Korea.  Whether it will deter the North or increase tensions and worsden things is debateable.

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  • conrad

    I found that was one of the most interesting things about the wikileaks documents also — there’s no real need for any action, since North Korea is obviously going to implode sooner rather than later anyway, and China is going to let it happen. That information could save countless lives and billions and upon billions of dollars.

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