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Rare earths & Peking Duck

In the press today it was announced that China would agree to resume the supply of rare earths to Japan.  It is a puzzling claim since the Chinese Government stated that no ban was ever in place.  The difficulty for China is that other countries now believe – rightly or wrongly – that China might implement a ban if it suited.  And rare earths are not at all ‘rare’ – they are quite abundant. China has obtained a 97 per cent monopoly basically because they supplied at low and reasonable prices.  There are huge deposits in Australia – Lynas for example – and my guess is that purchasers will now seek to diversify their sources of these materials.  

Your faithful scribe took a small stake in Lynas when this kerfuffle first erupted.  His modest profits over the past few days would feed about 20 some good Peking Duck. Munch. Munch.

Thanks to JB for the last link.

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