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Zhu Bajie & climate change

During the Tianjin meetings on climate change China hit back on US claims it was shirking in the fight against climate change, likening the criticisms to a mythic pig – Zhu Bajie – that was preening itself. Su Wei, a senior Chinese climate change negotiator, swiped at comments from top US climate envoy Todd Stern […]

Beijing thoughts 2

I have been very busy over the past couple of weeks and hence the break from posting. It is now noticeably getting colder in Beijing. With close to freezing temperatures in the mornings it is clear that winter is not far away. The smog and pollution issues interest me. Last Sunday the air pollution index […]

Social income protection in China

I attended an interesting seminar in Beijing today organised by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) on “Social Protection and Human Development in the Era of the Post-Financial Crisis’. China’s achievement in reducing poverty is one of the most important development experiences in world history. According to one source in 24 years China shifted […]

Beating your wife – an etiquette guide

I couldn’t believe this! A nappyhead explains the ‘correct’ procedure.

wmv_3846.wmv‎ (6 MB‎)

Don’t beat her in the face or make her look ugly.

Thanks JS

Rural-urban divide in China

This is my 7th week in Beijing and I continue to enjoy the experience. I have been to three workshops over the past 3 days all of which have dealt with poverty in China, with rural-urban issues and the environment. The huge strides China has taken in eliminating poverty cannot conceal the huge disparities between […]

Tianjin climate change talks fiasco

What a waste of breath these climate change talks proved to be. The large developing countries (the BASIC countries, South Africa, India, China, Brazil) continue to reject carbon tariffs (border tax adjustments, BTAs) and international monitoring of their emissions cuts on the grounds that the US and other countries are not doing enough to mitigate […]

Breathing hazardous air

I had mild problems breathing last night here in north-west Beijing – I am a once-a-year asthmatic. This morning I sought to check out air pollution conditions in Beijing. A website from the US embassy describes conditions today (Sunday) as hazardous to the entire population although it is difficult to interpret this information. More information […]

MDBA “Guide to the Proposed Basin Plan”

The complete MDBA’s “Guide to the Proposed Basin Plan” is here. I have been going through it with some difficulty. I think there are good environmental grounds for don’t think the environmental case it presents is compelling. It is too easily dismissed as ‘protecting a bunch of fish and birds by imposing much higher food […]

Australians whinging

I am tired of hearing the complaints from over-indulged Aussi brats at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. They complained about the housing, the temperature at the opening ceremony and now the food – 5 of the brats got upset stomachs. I resent spending a cent of public money on these graceless buffoons. They are a […]

Tasering abuse

I am stunned by this taser assault on a harmless aboriginal man by 4 psychpathic cops while 5 others stood around and watched. Those watching included police supervisors. Two of the barbarians who committed this crimes were given minor fines while the rest apparently received no penalty. The lot should have been sacked and given […]

Sinochem, BHP-Billiton & Potash Corp

I have discussed this situation a few times but, with a comfortable load of beer in my belly, I thought I’d take a second look at the basic economics. BHP-Billiton have made a $39b bid for Potash Corporation of Canada. This amount is close to the estimated cost of the Australian NBN network. Serious, serious […]

Rare earths & Peking Duck

In the press today it was announced that China would agree to resume the supply of rare earths to Japan. It is a puzzling claim since the Chinese Government stated that no ban was ever in place. The difficulty for China is that other countries now believe – rightly or wrongly – that China might […]