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Taking a break

I am taking a break as I assume a position as Visiting Professor of Economics at Peking University, Beijing, China. I am teaching a course there on ‘Environmental and Natural Resource Economics’.

This is almost certainly among the best of the universities in China. The students there are selected as the best in China and they are, in my experience, the equal of any students I have encountered in any country. It’s my fifth visit there over the last couple of years.

There will be less blogging from me for a while and then blogging that – for some time at least – will focus on China and Chinese environmental issues.

6 comments to Taking a break

  • conrad

    Enjoy Winter if you stay that long (I’d recommend avoiding it unless you want to see the tourist stuff with no other people!). I agree that the students there are great — I was amazed at how many could speak fluent English after learning it from the television, although I guess the guys these days have more lessons in school. I seem to remember their living conditions were awful also, although none complained about it.

  • Congratulations Harry.

    We will miss your acute, and ascerbic, take on current affairs.

    Don’t forget to pack your respirator.

  • observa

    Our loss their gain and perhaps steer clear of bankers with really big expense accounts. Avoid the biodegradable respirators too.

  • observa

    And relax with those carbon offsets for the plane trip Harry. I’ll shout ya mate!

  • Harry,

    I’m envious. I spent a few months there as a medical student, and still savour the time. I imagine though that the city has been transformed.

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